CD Release Party Captain Thomas mit Band!! 14. März 21:00 – Old Timer Bar – Winterthur –

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Album – Plattentaufe Captain Thomas mit Band!!

Official CD Release:
14. März 2015 Winterthur Old Timer Bar
21:00 Uhr – Wülflingerstrasse 18

Eigene Songs der CD – Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Pop und Covers: Elvis,
Beatles, Clapton, Cash, Berry, Dylan…

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CD Release 11. April 2015 – Band Ruby & Pearls

Ruby & Pearls was founded in March 2013. Ruby & Pearls is playing their own originals, kind of Pop, Rock, Alternative. The Band: Vocals (Ruby), Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Organ (Pearls). The debut album „Sunbird“ was produced in 2014 by phonocare recording services. The release is end of February in asorted shops Switzerland, Germany and in the well known and unknown digital stores worldwide…

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Come and see Ruby & Pearls:

11. April 2015 – 21:00
Plattentaufe CD Release, Old Timer Bar Winterthur
Adresse: Wülflingerstrasse 18
18. April 2015 – 21:00
CD Release Tour 2015 – Achterbar Wetzikon ZH
Buchgrindelstrasse 15, 8620 Wetzikon

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Welcome to phonocare recording services – an independent record label and recording company

This blog is about news to come for and its artists like Captain Thomas Project and others.

Currently, we are working on a Pop-Rock’n’Roll release – as CD and in all major online stores.
It Is Captain Thomas with the help of fellow musicians and featured artists like SHAMIN. To be realeasd in August 2014. Everywhere.  Worldwide .

Stay tuned, there is more to come.
on behalf of phonocare